Izabel Lam Dinnerware Wave top
Izabel Lam Dinnerware wave bottom

The Rain Porcelain Dinnerware


Silver and gold jewels adorning
a sophisticated table.
An amazing and
understated elegance.

" As soon as i saw Izabel's plates
I couldn't wait to have them
in the restaurant.
Her plates are very inspirational for me
in the process of
developing new dishes ! "

Chef Rene Stein
Chef de Cuisine
Seasonal Restaurant & Weinbar
New York

Clockwise from bottom :
P156WS Vase silver glaze
P2904WS Stand silver glaze
P2909W Eclipse shape platter
P851WS / P853WS sale/pepper shakers
P2907WS Slanted footted plate silver glaze

fused glass dinnerware red